1982-1987 Krasnodar College of Arts.

1987-1990 work as book illustrator in different edition houses.

1990 member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

His works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

Art Museum im.Kovalenko Krasnodar.

Soil Science Museum them. Dokuchaev St. Petersburg.

Petersburg Culture and Arts Foundation "Pro Arte"

Kaliningrad city Art Gallery.

The collection of the Central exhibition hall, Krasnodar.

1993 - Prize in the field of art. Rossinsky hood. Museum Kovalenko, Krasnodar

1995 - Stipendium Berlin Academy of Arts, the project "Nocturne Final-III"

1999 - Contemporary art Festival, Krasnodar project interesting ethnic group I prize

2009 - Prize Fund Dynasty for the project "Underground Kingdom"

             For the Museum of Soil science to them. Dokuchaev St. Petersburg.

2011 - Nominees C.Kurehina, St. Petersburg.

2012 - Kandinsky Prize nominees, Moscow.


137  VLADIMIR GRIG  13 rooms

paper print

185 x 155 cm (72 7/8 x 61 in.)

Executed in 2012. This work is number 5 from an edition of 5 plus 2 artist's proofs.

Estimate +

2018 Cosmoscow 2018 (Гридчинхолл) Москва 

2018  "In Search of Modern Style",Russian Museum, Marble Palace. St. Petersburg.  

2012 - 2017   Создание проектов и участие в проектах St.Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra         


2015   Cosmoscow 2015 (Гридчинхолл) Moscow

2014   Luciano Benetton Collection The Art of Humanity - Dakar MAY 10 - JUN 9 2014

Art Moscow from 2004-2013.

2014 "The actual figure" Russian Museum, Marble Palace. St. Petersburg.

2014 "The Art of the" exhibition space signal. (Contour)

2014 "Vladimir Grig for Samuel Beckett " .GEZ-21 St. Petersburg.

2014 "Russia is making itself" Exhibition Center, Moscow

2014 project "Heroic cantata for orchestra of crickets,"

          Soil Science Museum of them. Dokuchaev St. Petersburg

2013 project «Gravitation» Church of San Pantalon Venice.

2013 Biennale of graphics of the Baltic Sea "Kaliningrad - Koenigsberg 2013"

2013 "New Russian realism" CHA Moscow

2013 Installation "How Vasek Karasev turned into an amoeba" under the "Retro mutants" New file, New                                               Holland St. Petersburg.

2013 Installation "How Vasek Karasev turned into an amoeba" under the "Retro mutants' gallery          KultProekt Moscow

2013 Project «Dimensionen - II» ALGallery St. Petersburg.

2012 Project "Disappearing" East Gallery Moscow.

2012 Exhibition of the Kandinsky Prize nominees to the district. "Drummer" Moscow

2012 Exhibition "Heavenly LINE. PETERSBURG PANORAMA XIX - XX" »  Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress.

2012 project "The Game" exhibition nominees S. Kuryokhin  Center. Kuryokhin St. Petersburg

2011 project "Kustrakita over the river» AL Gallery St. Petersburg.

2011 projects in the framework of the festival "Life. Version science"  Center for Contemporary Art Winery Moscow.

2010 project "The Game" East Gallery Moscow.

2009 project "Transition" East Gallery Moscow.

2009 project "Underworld" Museum of Soil them. Dokuchaev St. Petersburg.

2008 project "Stories in pictures" East Gallery Moscow.

2008 Project «Terra Incognita» project of the Institute "Pro Arte" "Contemporary Art in Traditional        Museum" Museum of Soil Science im. Dokuchaeva St. Petersburg.

2008  Print Triennial South Russia Krasnodar.

2007 project "Space I» Squirrel & Hands St. Petersburg.

2007 project "Space II» East Gallery Moscow.

2007 project "Goodnight Earthlings" East Gallery Moscow.

2007 The exhibition of the series "Little Things" installation "Space" PRO ARTE Institute, St. Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress.

2006 project "Absolute Happiness 60" East Gallery Moscow.

2005 project "Gravitation" Art Moscow TS.D.H. Moscow  East Gallery Moscow.

2004 Exhibition in Epiphanien-Kirche zu Berlin-Charlottenburg.

2003 project "Urbofoniya» «WUK» Vienna, Austria.

1998 V International Biennale of Easel Graphic Art, Kaliningrad.

1996 project «RG-I» St. Petersburg Biennale, Smolny Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

1994 Festival of Contemporary Art, Art Museum of Sochi.

1993 group exhibition "Facade" Art Museum Kovalenko Krasnodar.

1991 group "White Dragon" , Central Exhibition Hall Krasnodar.



Vladimir Grig

Born in Krasnodar

Lives & works in St-Petersburg, Russia

All author's projects about borderline states, when the "recognizable" reality contact with other facets of reality that confronts us in a particular perspective.

The paradox at the border of measurements reality is that he is trying to convey by means of painting, graphics, animation, music and installation.